Monday, May 28, 2007

Even more rain!

Sometime last week there wound up being 2 inches of rain in the rain gauge. And today, I got back from a 3 day weekend and there were three inches of rain in the gauge!!! There was water standing everywhere so I think most of it came today. Things are lush and green.

My rain barrel is full again from the roof runoff. I poured some vegetable oil in it the last time to keep the mosquitoes from breeding and it seemed to work so I'm going to do that again.

The hummingbirds are hanging around. I wonder if they are the same ones from last year. I made them some fresh sugar water tonight. I plan to plant more flowers for them.

I've been reading a bit about butterflies and have plans for some flowers and bushes they like. Lots to do around the farm in the next few weeks.

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Julie said...

That is a wonderful trick with the vegie oil to keep mosquitos away...we have a huge problem here in south florida with that, and the biggest reason why I don't have a rain barrel...(but would love, love, love to have one) now will give it more thought! Very cool.