Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rain and potato beetles, May 2007

What a difference this spring is from last! In the past two or three days we have had 4.7 inches of rain by my rain gauge. I wish I had somewhere to store it for later when we need it. My huge rain barrel filled up yesterday before the second wave of rain hit then. Last night it was torrential again.

I found Colorado potato beetles on my potato foliage. Most were in the larval stage. I saw only one adult. I was so upset that I knocked all of them off by hand and then squished as many as I could. It grossed me out but what's a gardener to do? Then I came in and looked them up in a book I had to find out what they were. It had no pictures so I went online and found them. Evidently, they are very resistant to poisons so it's just as well I won't use them. I can see how a farmer would be desperate, though. Anyway, I hope the tubers make it.

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